Søren Blond Daugaard

Engineer, Software Developer and Home Brewer.


My name is Søren Blond Daugaard and I am an engineer from Denmark currently living in Cranford, NJ. My interests are software development, wireless home control, embeded devices, web technologies, giant amounts of data, statistics and brewing my own beer.

This page is put in place to show of some of my projects and to help people get in touch.


Below are some examples of hobby projects I have been working on.


HTTPtoMQTT.ineptum.dk allows your to easily turn HTTP requests into MQTT publishes and MQTT publishes into HTTP requests. This enables you to easily bridge a HTTP REST based application to an MQTT application. MQTT is a light weight messaging protocol often used in home automation and IoT devices.

This project was build since I wanted my Google Home to communicate to my Home Assistant home control platform, but I didn't want to expose my Home Assistants web platform directly to the internet.

HTTPtoMQTT is build on Ruby on Rails 5 using a test driven development approach.



I love embedded eletronics and playing around with linux. That is why I think the Raspberry Pi is the best thing since sliced bread. I wanted to share my endeavours into the world of the Raspberry Pi which is why I started the RaspberryPiHQ blog.

With more than 30,000 monthly visitors, RaspberryPiHQ is by far the most successful hobby project I have created so far. Its build on a vanilla Wordpres with a focus on content. The blog posts are created when ever I try something new with the Raspberry Pi.



When I started brewing my own beer I wanted to learn much more about what makes up a good beer. I wanted to be able to answer questions like - which type of beer uses which type of malt, yeast and hops? and how much hops is too much hops?

I figured the best way to learn about beers and how to build recipes was to make a beer recipe calculator. The Brew-o-Matic is my beer recipe calculator on brewalizer - its build in Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, JQuery and Javascript.



If you want to reach out to me you can use the links below.


Follow me on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/sbdaugaard.


Find me on LinkedIn here: http://linkedin.com/in/sbdaugaard/